Management Committee

The Management Committee is responsible for the general management of the NCCJ. In addition, observers with which the NCCJ wishes to maintain close ties, advise and inform the Management Committee on relevant topics.

The members of the 2019-2020 NCCJ Management Committee are:

  • Jorg van Leeuwen (Chairman)
  • Noriko Negretti Saito (Secretary)
  • Tycho Speekenbrink (Chairman Membership Committee)
  • Maarten Molenaar (Chairman Communications Committee)
  • Reiji Matsushima(Treasurer)
  • Naoki Shirakawa (Chairman External Relations Committee)
  • Akira Havermans (Chairman Activity Committee and Deshima Business Award Committee)
  • Richard van Rooij

Auditors and Observers:

  • Toru Ozawa (Auditor)
  • Henry Philippens (Observer & Embassy Liaison)
  • Nobuo Takei (Observer & JNS Liaison)