The NCCJ welcomes participation of its members in a committee as this creates the opportunity to actively develop and broaden the network of the members as well as contributing to the development of the NCCJ.

The Chamber has the following committees:

The Activity Committee

The Activity Committee organises events and forums for the benefit of the members, aimed at networking and sharing experiences as well as expanding the membership base. These goals are pursued through the following core activities: Business Round Tables, NCCJ Aperitifs, luncheon meetings and special presentations, company visits.

  • Martin van der Linden (Chairman)
  • Richard van Rooij (Vice Chairman)

The Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on increasing member numbers and improving membership services and overall value in the light of evolving member needs.

  • Richard van Rooij (Chairman)

The Communication Committee

The Communication Committee oversees the publications of the NCCJ including the website and newsletters.

  • Maarten Molenaar (Chairman)
  • Jason Broad (Vice Chairman)

The External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee’s tasks are to proactively look for, to establish and to maintain relationships with institutions and companies, from which added value can be derived for NCCJ members. It helps identify issues of added value and ensures that the NCCJ members are adequately informed.

  • Takeo Nishitani (Chairman)
  • Hiroshi Ishiwata (Vice Chairman)

The Deshima Business Awards Committee

Biannually the Deshima Business Awards are organized by the Deshima Business Awards Committee (next awards will be held in 2016). The Deshima Business Awards aim to recognise those companies that are leading the way in Japan, but also to provide a forum for companies to develop their relations in this market. The 2016 Deshima Business Awards will be organised by:

  • Hans van der Tang (Chairman)
  • Akira Havermans (Vice Chairman)
  • Takeo Nishitani
  • Nobuo Takei