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Fri 09 October 2015

Event Report: Briefing and Drinks with Shangri-La Hotel, Tokyo

Jens Moesker, General Manager of the Shangri-La hotel, Tokyo, knows what hospitality is all about. 

Imagine a couple walking along a beach in the hot sun at their hotel resort, he says. They ask a hotel staff member to make a reservation for dinner that night. Now, the guests can look forward to relaxing over a fine meal.

But the “hospitality” doesn’t end there. The staff member will provide the overheated couple with face towels, glasses of ice water and anything else to help them cool down. 

“Our mission is to delight our customers or our guests each and every time by creating engaging experiences,” Mr. Moesker told about a dozen NCCJ members at a “Briefing and Drinks” on Oct. 6.  

In addition to the presentation, the Shangri-La gave members a very comprehensive tour of the hotel. They viewed not just the guestrooms and public areas, but were also given a very rare peak into the “heart of house,” the behind-the-scenes areas where the hotel’s staff work, relax and eat. 

The event kicked off with some informal networking. Then Mr. Moesker gave his presentation, covering his personal background and the concepts, such as hospitality, that form the Shangri-La brand. The talk prompted a Q&A session that touched on such abstract topics as the Japanese and Western definitions of “humility,” and more pragmatic ones, like how to deal with complaints from guests.  

Then the tour began. Members were split into two groups. First they were taken to several public areas and facilities, including a grand reception hall that offered a majestic view of downtown Tokyo outside its large windows from 27 floors up. “The carpet pattern here is unique. No two are the same throughout the hotel,” explained Stanley Tan, Director of Sales and Marketing and one of our tour guides. 

The group was ushered into the staff cafeteria, with a buffet and wall posters that conveyed all sorts of work-related information, such as performance charts. The dining area featured a seasonal decoration: pumpkins. Another stop was in the bustling kitchen. 

The tour wrapped up with another round of networking, in the hotel’s Lobby Lounge. And once again, the view of Tokyo at night formed an exquisite backdrop. 

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