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Wed 24 February 2016

New Member: Scarabee Aviation Group – Japan Co., Ltd.

Scarabee is a leading player in the aviation industry with over 25 years of experience working closely with the world’s leading airports, airlines and business partners, developing unique, innovative and tailor-made solutions for the passenger, baggage handling and security sector.

 Founded in 1988 Scarabee is an independent company employing highly motivated and skilled professionals who delight in developing added-value IT solutions. Together with expert partners, our software and systems ensure that airports are ready to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. Following strong business developments in Japanese airports, such as the deployment of 40 self-service bag drop units by All Nippon Airways (ANA) at its main passenger terminal, Haneda Domestic Terminal No.2, Scarabee Aviation Group - Japan Co., Ltd was incorporated in August 2015. Led by CEO Mr. Shirakawa and Technical Manager Byron Kidd, Scarabee Aviation Group - Japan is building a bridge between Japanese and Dutch professionals and products.